Reflections on week 1

We started our first week back at Melton West Primary School.  Everyone was filled with excitement and a little bit of nerves.  Here are some reflections on the first few days from us (the students in 1/2 B):
“It is always nice to meet your new teacher” –  Mikaela
“Its nice to make new friends.” – Hayley
“The teachers are all nice.” – Montana
“Its nice to meet the teachers and the room was clean.” – Lourdes
“All the teachers on yard duty were nice.” – Xavier
“Everyone seems nice at school.” – Charlyze
“We have a nice teacher.” – Emily
“I wrote an awesome story already.” – Chaise
“It doesn’t matter if you have no friends because other people are new and you can make friends with them.” – Rita
“It is really fun learning at school.” – Marlee

2 thoughts on “Reflections on week 1

  1. IT is Fantastic what we wrote and I really like what we said to. You are a really nice teacher Miss Butcher. Thank you for making a blog. Olivia 🙂

  2. hello again 1/2 B and Miss Butcher, I love the idea’s everyone came up with and LOVE the song that the whole school is going to do and I also can’t wait to hear the song for our class performance.I hope everyone else loves the song that the whole school is doing as well. Olivia 🙂

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