Week 3 – All about technology

This week we talked about how to use technology in our classroom in a safe and responsible manner.  We have iPads, netbooks and digital cameras that we can use to create projects, read on and look up information. We like using technology in our class but we know that we have to look after these devices as well as only use them for school appropriate activities.  Our school has an acceptable use agreement that we all signed but when our teacher read it to us we did not understand everything so we decided to come up with our own agreement for use of technology in the classroom.  What do you think? Do you have something like this in your classroom or at home?

                      In 1/2 B, when we use digital technology (iPads, computers, digital cameras, iPhones, iPods) we agree to:

  1.  write or record only nice things about other people
  2.  make sure that we turn them off when we are done
  3.  only go on school appropriate websites and apps
  4.  treat the technology gently and carefully.  This includes:
  • not touching the computer screen
  • using the computers only when sitting at a table or on the floor
    • holding the computers with 2 hands on the bottom
    • being careful not to drop them
    • not running with them
    • using our fingertips not our nails or other object on the touch screens
  1. talk to a teacher if someone is being unsafe or inappropriate with the technology
  2. only use the technology for school activities – only what the teacher tells us.
  3. only use the technology when the teacher says it’s okay
  4. always ask permission to take photos or videos of other people
  5. only take photos and record sound or video when it is part of a lesson
  6. delete any photos, videos, recordings or projects that we do not want to share


*If you do not want to share it… then why are you doing it?