Week 6

This week was a short week but it was still full of lots of learning.

In reading we are learning how to make predictions before and during reading.  Making a prediction is when you have a good guess about what you think will happen in the text. We can make predictions by looking at the title, looking at the pictures, reading the blurb, thinking about other books, and by using our prior knowledge or what we already know in our heads.  We also learnt that the more we know the more our predictions can grow! We showed this by using different colours to add on to our prediction every time we got new information.


In writing we are learning how to draft our stories.  This is like “Forget everything and write”.  We just want to get our ideas down on paper and not worry about spelling, capital letters or full stops.  We know that we can always go back and fix those during our revising and editing stages.

In numeracy we started our Maths Workshops.  We get to go in other classrooms and learn from other teachers.  Some of us worked on our numbers from 1-20 and some of us practiced our skip counting by 10’s, 5’s and 2’s.

The best part about this week is the 4 day weekend we get! Yea!

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