New term. New Inquiry topic. Old clothes?

We started the new term off a little different.  Instead of walking into a normal classroom from the year 2014, we walked into one from the early 1900’s.  The walls were bare, the desks were all facing forward and in long rows and the teacher was dressed…weird.  The only thing on the walls were rules like:

1. No talking

2. Listen to your teacher

3. Do your work

The kids thought it was funny in the beginning but they quickly learnt that school was hard work in the early 1900’s.  The kids had to do all their work on chalkboards, practice their counting and numbers by chanting and they boys got to do geometry (geo boards) while the girls had to do weaving.  There was also no electrictity for the whole day.  It was a cloudly day so it made everything very dark!

We also read  a letter from a girl named Amanda who went to school in the 1901.  She brought her lunch to school in a bucket and her brother came to school on a horse.  As a class we thought about what it might be like for kids going to school 100 years from now.

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