Mother’s Day Tea

This Friday we will be having a special Mother’s Day tea in celebration of all the wonderful mums, grandma’s and aunties in our lives.  Today we made cards, biscuits and a thumbprint necklace.  We also had a Mother’s Day stall where we could buy special presents like magnets, frames and chocolate.

New term. New Inquiry topic. Old clothes?

We started the new term off a little different.  Instead of walking into a normal classroom from the year 2014, we walked into one from the early 1900’s.  The walls were bare, the desks were all facing forward and in long rows and the teacher was dressed…weird.  The only thing on the walls were rules like:

1. No talking

2. Listen to your teacher

3. Do your work

The kids thought it was funny in the beginning but they quickly learnt that school was hard work in the early 1900’s.  The kids had to do all their work on chalkboards, practice their counting and numbers by chanting and they boys got to do geometry (geo boards) while the girls had to do weaving.  There was also no electrictity for the whole day.  It was a cloudly day so it made everything very dark!

We also read  a letter from a girl named Amanda who went to school in the 1901.  She brought her lunch to school in a bucket and her brother came to school on a horse.  As a class we thought about what it might be like for kids going to school 100 years from now.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


Last Week!

The last week of term 1 flew by.  Both students and teachers were anxiously waiting for the clock to tick 2:10 on Friday afternoon.  That didn’t mean that we stopped learning and exploring…if maybe at a slower pace.

We finished our last week of term 1 by continuing to work on writing instructions.  The best way to learn is by doing though…so that meant lots of hands on activities.

The first set of instruction the kids help produce was to a visiting alien who goes by the name Zekbop.  Zekbop was a bit shy and would not pose for a picture but if you need a visual; the kids say she looked an awful lot like Miss Butcher :-).  Zekbop came to our planet because she had seen humans doing something called “combing their hair” and she wanted to learn this for herself.  It was a bit confusing at times but the kids finally talked her through it making sure that she used her hands to pick up the comb and not her feet as well as holding the comb the right way.  Overall Zekbop was very happy with the set of instructions given to her by the students in 1/2B.  Maybe she will visit us another time.

The second set of instructions we wrote and learnt to follow was how to make string Easter eggs with balloon and glue.  It didn’t exactly turn out to plan but the kids got to get very sticky and messy.  Also, the kids were given a chance to take photos of the activity and here is what they photographed.

It may look a little weird but it was fun to make.

It may look a little weird but it was fun to make.

Rita was one of the first to finish her Easter eggs

Rita was one of the first to finish her Easter eggs

Glora is all smiles when showing off her eggs

Glora is all smiles when showing off her eggs

Daisy is very happy with her work.

Daisy is very happy with her work.

Leilani reminds us that instructions can be serious business.

Leilani reminds us that instructions can be serious business.

Shiloh poses with her very gluey hands.

Shiloh poses with her very gluey hands.

Charlyze is a little unsure how the eggs will turn out.

Charlyze is a little unsure how the eggs will turn out.

Mikaela is very careful not to drop her string Easter eggs.

Mikaela is very careful not to drop her string Easter eggs.

Benjamin shows off his completed string and very gluey Easter egg

Benjamin shows off his completed string and very gluey Easter egg

The supplies to make the string Easter eggs are all ready to go for the kids when they walk in.

The supplies to make the string Easter eggs are all ready to go for the kids when they walk in.

Finally, the kids helped write instructions for how to make microwavable popcorn…the end result; the kids got to enjoy some while watching a movie on the last day.  Who knew instructions could be so much fun…and yummy.

IMG_4103 IMG_4099 IMG_4096

Week 6

This week was a short week but it was still full of lots of learning.

In reading we are learning how to make predictions before and during reading.  Making a prediction is when you have a good guess about what you think will happen in the text. We can make predictions by looking at the title, looking at the pictures, reading the blurb, thinking about other books, and by using our prior knowledge or what we already know in our heads.  We also learnt that the more we know the more our predictions can grow! We showed this by using different colours to add on to our prediction every time we got new information.


In writing we are learning how to draft our stories.  This is like “Forget everything and write”.  We just want to get our ideas down on paper and not worry about spelling, capital letters or full stops.  We know that we can always go back and fix those during our revising and editing stages.

In numeracy we started our Maths Workshops.  We get to go in other classrooms and learn from other teachers.  Some of us worked on our numbers from 1-20 and some of us practiced our skip counting by 10’s, 5’s and 2’s.

The best part about this week is the 4 day weekend we get! Yea!

Week 5 – Cultures and traditions

We will be learning about different countries and their cultures (types of people). We have learnt that Australia and around the world is multicultural.  That means there are lots of different people and cultures.

We already know a little about cultures and traditions like:

  • cultures are groups of people
  • traditions are celebrations
  • people can have different cultures and traditions

Here are some things we would like to learn about:

  • Learn what other kids do at school – Marlee
  • What is it like in New York? – Leliani
  • I want to learn about Italian culture – Olivia
  • I want to learn more about the Thailand culture – Montana
  • I want to learn about people around the world – Charlyze
  • I want to learn more about different countries – Jackson
  • I want to learn about New Zealand culture – Fili
  • I want to learn about how Italians talk – Emily
  • I want to learn about Japan’s culture – Brody
  • I want to learn if people keep birds as pets – Katie
  • I want to learn if soccer is a social norm – Jett
  • How do people know how to talk – Mikaela
  • I want to learn about London culture – Rita
  • I want to learn what people eat around the world – Karlia
  • Do different lands have same food and different food – Georgie
  • I want to learn more about American people – Emaan
  • I want to learn about how they eat in China – Shiloh
  • I want to learn more about Australian culture and language – Gloria
  • I want to learn about Science in other countries – Ashlea
  • I want to learn about people, if they drive or walk in different countries – Catherine
  • I want to learn about Paris culture – Torrey
  • I want to learn about karate – Benjamin
  • I want to learn more about the Melbourne culture – Samuel

We would love to hear what some of your cultures and traditions are.  Please leave a comment and share.  This can be about where you live, what food you eat, holidays you celebrate or clothes you wear.


Week 3 – All about technology

This week we talked about how to use technology in our classroom in a safe and responsible manner.  We have iPads, netbooks and digital cameras that we can use to create projects, read on and look up information. We like using technology in our class but we know that we have to look after these devices as well as only use them for school appropriate activities.  Our school has an acceptable use agreement that we all signed but when our teacher read it to us we did not understand everything so we decided to come up with our own agreement for use of technology in the classroom.  What do you think? Do you have something like this in your classroom or at home?

                      In 1/2 B, when we use digital technology (iPads, computers, digital cameras, iPhones, iPods) we agree to:

  1.  write or record only nice things about other people
  2.  make sure that we turn them off when we are done
  3.  only go on school appropriate websites and apps
  4.  treat the technology gently and carefully.  This includes:
  • not touching the computer screen
  • using the computers only when sitting at a table or on the floor
    • holding the computers with 2 hands on the bottom
    • being careful not to drop them
    • not running with them
    • using our fingertips not our nails or other object on the touch screens
  1. talk to a teacher if someone is being unsafe or inappropriate with the technology
  2. only use the technology for school activities – only what the teacher tells us.
  3. only use the technology when the teacher says it’s okay
  4. always ask permission to take photos or videos of other people
  5. only take photos and record sound or video when it is part of a lesson
  6. delete any photos, videos, recordings or projects that we do not want to share


*If you do not want to share it… then why are you doing it?

Week 2 in review

1/2 B has been working hard this week getting our books and materials set up for our learning as well as jumping head first into our Term 1 units of work.  We have continued our getting to know everyone activities as well as setting up our classroom agreement that we are to follow. Despite the heat and a hot day timetable on Friday, it has been a pretty “cool” week of learning.

In reading we have been busy setting up our classroom library.  We first talked about the types of books we liked and then broke that list down into categories.  It took us a whole session but we did an awesome job of sorting the books into the different categories.  We also learnt how to choose “just right text” using the 5 finger rule.   This can take some practise in getting it right but we are up for the challenge!


classroom library

In writing we have started setting up our Writer’s Notebooks. Writer’s Notebooks are a place for us to write down ideas or “seeds” that we may have for later writings.  In addition to decorating our front covers we have started “planting seeds” in our Writer’s Notebooks by completing an ‘8 is enough activity’.  With this activity we wrote/drew about 8 things that happened over our school holidays.

Leliani’s Writer’s Notebook front cover

writers notebook

In Numeracy we have been learning about time and schedules.  We started out by learning the months of year with this fun song (click below for the link).  We also learnt about the days of the week, how a calendar is layed out, the seasons and all about daily and weekly schedules.

Months of the year song


Emily’s February Calendar that she filled in with the dates and days of the week. She also remembered that February is special for 2 reasons – do you know why?


Jackson’s daily schedule for what he does in the morning and afternoon and evening.


Rita’s weekly schedule – full of lots of fun and educational events.

In Inquiry we have learnt how to make good choices and how to use the Wheel of choice if we have a problem. We got in groups and came up with different problems that happen at school and how we can solve them by using the Wheel of Choice.  We then acted them out for each other – we are all amazing actors in 1/2 B! We talked about who our friends are and how we can include others.  To help us better understand this we watched the Pixar short clip “For the Birds”.  We also learnt about setting goals both for our classroom and ourselves.

Our class goal for this month is to try being nice to people that we don’t know.


Brody’s “Birds on a wire” friend picture.


Student’s individual goal

Overall we had a fantastic week filled with laughs, a few tears (carpet burn from P.E.) and lots of learning and getting to know each other.